cute puppies, sweet breakfast, fresh roses, my daily morning white chocolate  macchiato, paris, fashion magazines, fresh salad, starbucks coffee, the uk, my bike, cupcakes, topshop, 90210 beverly hills, warm croissants, ipod, high heels, iced chai latté, skinny body, oreo cookies, trench coats, miumiu, milkshake bars, christmas, travelling, frozen yogurt, reading books, dresses, new york, weddings, the beach, nutella, burberry, lunch with mum, spring, leather, bedding, spaghetti with spinach, oldtimer, abercrombie and fitch, cinnamon buns, gossip girl, vanilla and coconut flavour, baking xmas cookies, audrey hepburn, large comfy sweaters,, long wavy hair,..

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